Commercial Diver Services


Mrs. G Diving offers peace of mind knowing you have the best and professional commercial diver service since 1974 on the job. Contact Mrs. G Diving for more info.

From our central location in the Fort Lauderdale area, Mrs. G Diving services all of South Florida and even the Bahamas for underwater cleaning, prop removal, search and recovery, and inspections.

Mrs. G Diving Uses Remora Tools for Safer & Faster Bottom Cleaning

Bottom Cleaning / Monthly Service

Mrs. G Diving cleans and inspects from the water line down noting any damage or bottom paint wear. Mrs. G installs zincs as needed. We carry a large selection of zincs on our trucks for one trip service. For the South Florida area Mrs. G suggests a monthly service. Also available is one-time bottom service.

In Water Propeller Removal & Installation

Mrs. G has long experience in prop removal and replacement or new prop installation. See our Propeller Page for detailed information.
Right: Rope Removed from Prop

Other Diver Services

Rope from Fouled Prop
  • Recovery of lost items- keys, tools, eye glasses, etc.
  • Inspections with still pictures or video and written reports.
  • Cleaning of sea walls, docks ladders, pilings, etc. with our Cavi Blaster.
  • Sea wall inspections and minor sea wall repairs patching cracks.
  • Installing dock bumpers, ladders and wrapping piles.
  • Inspection of boat slips for depth and obstructions of debris.
  • Clearing intakes of obstructions.
  • Removing rope, palm fronds, etc. from around propellers.
  • Zinc installation.

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Mrs. G Diving Uses Nemo Underwater Tools for Better Service

Fouled Exhaust
Fouled Exhaust

Fouled Scoop Intake
Fouled Scoop Intake

Degraded Keyways
Degraded Keyways

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