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Commercial Diver Services

Mrs. G Diving offers peace of mind knowing you have the best and professional commercial diver service since 1974 on the job. From our central location in the Fort Lauderdale area, Mrs. G Diving services all of South Florida and even the Bahamas for underwater cleaning, prop removal, search and recovery, and inspections.

Mrs. G Diving Uses Remora Tools for Safer & Faster Bottom Cleaning

Bottom Cleaning / Monthly Service

Mrs. G Diving cleans and inspects from the water line down noting any damage or bottom paint wear. Mrs. G installs zincs as needed. We carry a large selection of zincs on our trucks for one trip service. For the South Florida area Mrs. G suggests a monthly service. Also available is one-time bottom service.

In Water Propeller Removal & Installation

Mrs. G Diving has the tools to get the job done.
Rope from Fouled Prop

Right: Rope Removed from Prop  

Save time and money having your props installed in the water at your dock. Mrs. G Diving will deliver and pick up your propellers from any prop shop. Need a prop puller for your boat? Mrs. G Diving will drill and tap your propellers for the puller holes. Mrs. G's provides prop puller Aston made prop nuts, wrenches, extra nuts, locks and shaft keys. Mrs. G's also removes and installs bow and stern thruster propellers.

Mrs. G Diving has our own full service Prop Shop with Hale MRI machine and dynamic balancer, you can use any prop shop of you choice. If you choose our prop shop, Mrs. G's usually can have the job done faster with less turn around time.

Mrs. G Diving travels to accommodate you for out of town emergencies. Have a problem in the Bahamas? No problem. Mrs. G Diving can fly with your spare props and change out the props. No spares? Mrs. G Diving will bring the props back to our Prop Shop, repair and recondition the props and then fly back to install.

Bad Zinc
Right: Bad Shaft Zinc  

Mrs. G Diving trucks carry a large selection of zincs and will custom make zincs when needed.

Other Diver Services
  • Recovery of lost items- keys, tools, eye glasses, etc.
  • Inspections with still pictures or video and written reports.
  • Cleaning of sea walls, docks ladders, pilings, etc. with our Cavi Blaster.
  • Sea wall inspections and minor sea wall repairs patching cracks.
  • Installing dock bumpers, ladders and wrapping piles.
  • Inspection of boat slips for depth and obstructions of debris.
  • Clearing intakes of obstructions.
  • Removing rope, palm fronds, etc. from around propellers.
  • Zinc installation.

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Mrs. G Diving Uses Nemo Underwater Tools for Better Service

Mrs. G Diving Team Raising a Damaged Prop
Note Float Bags for Raising and Pad for Damage Prevention

Raising Damaged Prop

Fouled Exhaust
Fouled Exhaust

Fouled Scoop Intake
Fouled Scoop Intake

Degraded Keyways
Degraded Keyways

Contact Us today for commercial diver services.

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