CaviBlaster Underwater Cleaning Tool


The CaviBlaster Underwater Cleaning Tool uses cavitation where collapsing bubbles create a vacuum which quickly and safely removes bottom debris. Contact Mrs. G Diving for more info.

Caviblaster Underwater Cleaning Tool
Caviblaster Underwater Cleaning Tool

There are huge advantages to the CaviBlaster:

  • Safety- the system is powerful enough to do the job but won't harm surfaces or the diver using it.
  • Versatility- the compact nozzle can clean even complex angled items.
  • One Pass Cleaning- all marine slime, seaweed and even barnacles are cleaned with one sweep for fast service, yet bottom paint remains untouched.
  • Seawater Use- the CaviBlaster uses seawater for operation.
  • System Advantage- the CaviBlaster leaves a smooth surface slowing the return of marine growth.
  • Cavibuster Anywere- the self-powered CaviBlaster can be used on a dock, sea wall or the Mrs. G Diving work boat.
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Mrs. G Divers Using the CaviBlaster

Mrs. G Diving using the CaviBlaster will clean:

    • Caviblaster Shaft Cleaning
    • Running Gear
    • Bow Thrusters
    • Underwater Lights
    • Arenson Drives
    • Jet Drives
    • Clean Drives Before Haul Out
    • Piles
    • Dock Fenders
    • Dock Ladders
    • Floating Docks
    • Jet Ski Docks
    • Dinghy/Tender Docks
    • Sea Wall Pipe Outlets
    • Sea Bouys
    • Channel Markers
    • Barges
    • Boat Yards
    • Marinas
    • Condo Docks

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CaviBlaster in Use