Marine Propellers Services


Rest assured Mrs. G Diving have years of experience and the right tools for any prop job, big or small. Contact Mrs. G Diving for more info.

In Water Propeller Removal & Installation

Raising Damaged Prop
Mrs. G Diving Team Raising a Damaged Prop
Note Float Bags for Raising and Pad for Damage Prevention

Save time and money having your props installed in the water at your dock. Mrs. G Diving will deliver and pick up your propellers from any prop shop. Need a prop puller for your boat? Mrs. G Diving will drill and tap your propellers for the puller holes. Mrs. G's provides prop puller Aston made prop nuts, wrenches, extra nuts, locks and shaft keys. Mrs. G's also removes and installs bow and stern thruster propellers.

No Prop Job Too Big At Mrs. G Diving
Propeller Removal

At Mrs. G Diving you can use any prop shop of your choice. Mrs. G Diving will deliver your props to the prop shop and pick them up for replacement. You can rely on Mrs. G Diving to properly install new propellers, too.

Rope Removed From Prop
Propeller Rope Removal

Mrs. G Diving Travels To Your Boat

Mrs. G Diving- Caution Diver Under Boat Mrs. G Diving travels to accommodate you for out of town emergencies. Have a problem in the Bahamas? No problem.

Mrs. G Diving can fly with your spare props and change out the props. No spares? Mrs. G Diving will bring the props back to a prop shop, repair and recondition the props and then fly back to install.

Contact Mrs. G Diving today for all your marine propeller needs.