Mrs. G Diving Frequently Asked Questions


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Yacht and Boat Harbor Question: What is your philosophy and mission?
Answer: With one call, Mrs. G Diving will do it all!
Just Contact Us and Mrs. G will do all the rest. Mrs. Mrs. G Diving will deliver your props for reconditioning like new. Then Mrs. G Diving will install your props and have you quickly on your way.

Question: What kind of boats do you work on?
Answer: Mrs. G Diving works on any boat and anywhere from Boca Raton to South of Miami for regular maintenance, from The Bahamas to Detroit, the Keys, east coast US and many places in between for special projects and regular clients.

Question: How often should I have the bottom cleaned?
Answer: Mrs. G Diving recommends once a month underwater cleaning to ensure the bottom is clean, intakes are free of debris, running gear is clear and zincs are up to date. The water is warm in south Florida and will foul even a newly hauled boat quickly.

Question: Do you do one time bottom cleanings?
Answer: Yes, we are available for one time bottom cleanings.

Mrs. G Diving Services All Kinds of Boats
Mrs. G Diving Services All Kinds of Boats

Question: Do you store props?
Answer: Mrs. G Diving has plenty of storage for your spare props and will deliver to them to you as needed wherever that may be.

Question: Can I have Mrs. G pull my props and use any propeller shop?
Answer: Yes, you may use any propeller shop when having your props pulled by Mrs. G Diving.

Fort Lauderdale Canals
Fort Lauderdale Canals

Question: Are you fully insured?
Answer: One of the points that separates Mrs. G Diving from the competition is that Mrs. G Diving is fully insured for our business, our staff and even our trucks carry full commercial insurance.

Question: Do you have emergency service?
Answer: Mrs. G Diving is fully capable and will do emergency services such as prop removal, repair and installation when needed. Mrs. G Diving also does emergency retreival of lost equipment, tools and personal items.

Question: Does your staff do all the work?
Answer: Yes! Mrs. G Diving is fully staffed to do all the work including raising props out of the water, transporting down the dock and crane lifting propellers into one of our trucks. You do not have to do anything in this process.

Please Contact Us with any further questions you may have.

Mrs. G Diving Services the Bahamas, Too
Mrs G Diving Services the Bahamas

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